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AirAway Universal Extractor

The Alternative Air Extractor System for Confined Spaces
Air Extractor Confined Spaces

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Small space, difficult location? Don't want to install ceiling fans & ducting?

SOLVE PROBLEMS OF AIR EXTRACTION with the AirAway Universal Extractor™, the unique solution to air extraction as required by Building Regulations in toilets and similar confined spaces.

The Air Extractor System for Confined Spaces
No Ceiling Fan or Internal Ducting Required

Solving the problem of air extraction and ventilation in confined spaces such as under stair cloakrooms and windowless toilets, the AirAway Universal Extractor™ meets current building regulations, doing away with the need for traditional extractor fans and all the problems associated with space hungry ducting and external venting.

Uniquely, the extractor fan fits out of sight into new or existing plumbing for back to wall and wall hung toilets, extracting air, and airborne bacteria directly into the soil pipe. Using Odourbuster® patented technology it is a simple, automatic plumbing arrangement - no chemicals are used. Environmentally sound, it needs no maintenance or filters, runs off a low voltage, 12 volt, supply and is simple to install.

So if you want a solution to air extraction in confined WC or cloakroom spaces, such as: internal rooms, under stairs, loft conversions and basement conversions, without needing to install additional ceiling fans and ducting then the AirAway Universal Extractor™ is the answer!

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* Please note: Interpretation of the Building Regulations Part F can be controversial in respect of air extraction, dependent upon the local authority involved. The low level installation position of Odourbuster extraction units relative to the preferred position “within 400mm of the ceiling” may not be acceptable to some Building Inspectors. We recommend always seeking Building Inspectors approval prior to installation.
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