AirAway Universal Extractor System


AirAway Universal Extractor

The Alternative Air Extractor System for Confined Spaces
Air Extractor Confined Spaces

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The AirAway Universal
Extractor™ System
Universal Air Extractor Requires No Ducting
Toilet in a confined space using
the built-in air extraction
Toilet in confined space using the Uiversal Extractor
Tested & Certified by
Under Stairs Extractor System Building Regulations
View the SIRIM report »here
Complies with UK Building Regulations Air Extraction Flow Rates (Part F - Sanitary Accommodation).* see note below Easily exceeds air extraction requirements of 6 litres/sec. Accreditation tests achieved 13 litres/sec & 19 litres/sec.
Toilet Air Extractor - British Invention

AirAway Universal Air Extractor System™

The Air Extractor System for Confined Spaces
No Ceiling Fan or Internal Ducting Required
The Universal Extractor™ System draws draws air through the toilet bowl and extracts it through the waste pipe

• Fits most back-to-wall and wall hung toilets
• Complies with UK Building Regulations
• Ideal for installation in confined spaces
• Use under-stairs or in internal bathrooms & toilets
• No additional ducting or extractor fans required
• Simple to install
• Maintenance free
• Low running costs - uses 12 volt DC

How Universal Extractor Works

AirAway Universal Extractor™ has been designed to be fitted to the widest range of wall mounted and back-to-wall toilets.

AirAway Universal Extractor™ is a unit which fits below the cistern with a connection into the soil pipe is made either by linking into the basin waste pipe or by utilising the unused blanked off basin waste connection on the S&VP (soil and vent pipe).

The built-in air extraction unit is powered from a mains powered 12 volt DC transformer (included) for truly maintenance free operation. It is totally safe with no additional ventilation ducts or holes in the walls or ceilings for fans or similar intrusive building work being required.

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Delivery to UK mainland addresses is £15.00.
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* Please note: Interpretation of the Building Regulations Part F can be controversial in respect of air extraction, dependent upon the local authority involved. The low level installation position of Odourbuster extraction units relative to the preferred position “within 400mm of the ceiling” may not be acceptable to some Building Inspectors. We recommend always seeking Building Inspectors approval prior to installation.
AirAway - The Alternative Air Extractor System for Confined Spaces: The AirAway Universal Air Extractor System™
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